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Protect your car from snow and salt in seattle by big's mobile

For the past decade, Seattle roads have been treated with a brine and salt solution during snowy seasons, offering traction for vehicles but posing a threat to paint jobs. Discover our tips below on safeguarding your car from the corrosive effects of salt and the potential damage caused by snow. When seeking professional cleaning and detailing this winter, trust Big’s Mobile in Seattle to ensure your vehicle stays in top condition.

Yes, You Should Wash Your Car in Winter:

The corrosive nature of salt can lead to rust on your car if left unattended. Snow, picking up dirt and rocks, can also scratch your car’s paint. To prevent damage, regular washing is crucial. Visit a professional or use a drive-through car wash to avoid the chilly weather. In snowy conditions, consider washing your car every two weeks. Pay special attention to cleaning the undercarriage, where salt and snow tend to accumulate. Additionally, applying a coat of wax provides an extra layer of protection, preventing salt and debris from sticking to the paint job.

Wipe Away Leaves:

Washington winters bring a mix of wind, rain, and fallen leaves. Wet leaves, when left on your vehicle, can carry salt and contribute to rust. Remove wet leaves promptly to protect your car. If you park your car outside, using a cover can prevent leaves and debris from sticking in the first place.

Professional Auto Detailing with Big’s Mobile:

When your car requires professional auto detailing this season, turn to a trustworthy shop like Big’s Mobile. We ensure every inch of your vehicle sparkles. For auto detailing in Seattle, Lake City, Northgate, Ravenna, Mountlake Terrace, Lake Forest Park, and Shoreline, WA, contact the experts at Big’s Mobile at 206-866-6377. Take advantage of our current specials and give your car the care it deserves this winter.

Protecting your car from the winter elements is essential for maintaining its appearance and longevity. Big’s Mobile, your trusted partner in auto detailing, offers the expertise and services needed to keep your vehicle in top condition throughout the season. Schedule your detailing appointment with Big’s Mobile today and experience the difference in care for your car.

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