Partner Program

Direct Sales Partners

Expand Your Services with Direct Sales Partners

Are you a mobile service provider or shop owner looking to diversify your offerings? Join our Car Care Partner program as a Direct Sales Partner and discover a hassle-free way to expand your services.


How It Works

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Service Variety

Direct Sales Partners can effortlessly add Interior Detailing, Exterior Detailing, and Full Detailing to their service menu.

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Service Booking

Customers schedule their detailing service with us, either by phone or through our user-friendly booking platform.

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Professional Execution

Our skilled team visits your location with all the necessary tools and expertise to perform the detailing service and you'll also receive a 10% commission each month.

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Billing and Compensation

You bill the customer directly and pass on a prearranged flat rate to us for the detailing service.

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Perks for Partners
  • Zero Investment: No need to invest in expensive equipment or training.
  • No Additional Staff: Eliminate the cost of maintaining extra staff for occasional detailing jobs.
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Referral Partners

Boost Your Earnings with Referral Partner Program

Whether you're a mobile service provider or a shop, you can enhance your earnings by simply recommending Big's detailing services to your customers.


How It Works

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Referral Commissions

Referral Partners receive a 10% commission for distributing business cards. 

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Exclusive Registration Bonus

Upon registration, you'll receive 500 custom business cards.

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Customer Discounts

These cards include a unique discount code for your customers, granting them a 10% service discount.

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Monthly Commissions

The code helps us track referrals, and you'll receive a 10% commission at the end of each month

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Unlock Earning Potential

If ten of your customers use our services, you could earn approximately $400.

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Simplicity in Earning

A great way to earn money by simply sharing business cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Big’s Mobile Detailing partnership program is a collaborative initiative that allows businesses to partner with our company to provide mobile detailing services to their customers. Through this program, businesses can offer their clients convenient and professional car detailing services without the need for a physical location.

Big’s Mobile Detailing partnership works by establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between our company and participating businesses. Upon joining the program, businesses gain access to our network of skilled mobile detailers who can deliver high-quality car detailing services at the location of the customer’s choice. This partnership allows businesses to expand their service offerings and provide added value to their customers.

 By joining Big’s Mobile Detailing partnership program, businesses can enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Expanded Service Offerings: Partnering with our company enables businesses to offer professional car detailing services as part of their service portfolio, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Convenience: With access to our network of mobile detailers, businesses can provide on-site car detailing services, saving their customers time and effort.
  • Revenue Generation: Participating businesses can generate additional revenue streams by offering car detailing services without investing in equipment or personnel.

To join Big’s Mobile Detailing partnership program, you can reach out to our company via phone at (425) 243-9155 or email at Our team will guide you through the onboarding process, including agreement terms, training (if necessary), and access to our network of professional mobile detailers.

Big’s Mobile Detailing partnership program is open to various types of businesses, including but not limited to auto dealerships, car rental agencies, luxury hotels, corporate fleets, and property management companies. Any business seeking to enhance its customer experience through convenient car detailing services can explore partnership opportunities with our company.

Yes! There’s no reason you can’t offer detailing to your customers and have a stack of our business cards at the front desk.

There are no fees or costs to be a partner. We make our money by making you more money. Our company aims to establish partnerships that are mutually beneficial and sustainable for all parties involved.

As part of the program, our company provides comprehensive support to participating businesses, including:

  • Training: We offer training for businesses’ staff members who may be involved in coordinating or promoting the car detailing services.
  • Marketing Materials: Businesses receive access to marketing materials and resources that can help promote the added car detailing services to their customer base.

Dedicated Account Management: Our team provides dedicated account management support to ensure seamless collaboration and address any operational or customer service needs.

Yes, participating businesses have the flexibility to customize certain aspects of the car detailing services offered through the partnership program. This may include tailoring service packages, or scheduling options based on their specific customer demographics and preferences.

Big’s Mobile Detailing upholds strict standards for quality and consistency in all car detailing services delivered through the program. We achieve this through rigorous vetting and training of our mobile detailers, regular performance evaluations, and customer feedback mechanisms. Additionally, we maintain clear communication channels with participating businesses to address any quality-related concerns promptly.

On the second Tuesday of each month, we calculate and send commissions for the prior month's referrals or jobs. It is based on the date jobs are completed, not when they are scheduled.

Your success is our success! We've put together a Partner Resource Kit that includes:

  • Tutorials to get started right away.
  • Guides to help increase sales.
  • A media kit with content you can add to your website or have at the front desk.
  • And of course, our team will try and assist in other ways as needed. Just give us a call!

It's ongoing until either party decides to cancel it.

Either party can cancel the agreement with a simple email. Unless a date is specified, the partnership is terminated right away. For Direct Partners, jobs scheduled after the termination date will be canceled. For Referral Partners, we'll send the commission for all jobs completed thru the termination date.

No. At this time, there are no exclusivity requirements or restrictions.

We're committed to resolving disputes quickly, fairly, and in a way that preserves good partnerships. For concerns related to the partner program, call or email so our management team can work it out right away. For customers that are unhappy with the service, we'll typically dispatch a detailer ASAP to correct the issue at the customer's home and at their scheduling convenience. It's rare for a vehicle damage to occur during a detailing, and we handle those on a case-by-case basis.

We take pride in offering great customer service, our professional work ethic, and running our business with integrity. Our best relationships are with partners who share the same values. If it becomes apparent that we aren't a good match, we reserve the right to terminate the partnership.

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