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Auto Detailing Service

We are a 100% mobile business. We come to your location, whether it be your home or your work, and service the vehicle while you are comfortable in your own environment.

If you call in, we can try our best! However, we are often booked in advance so it is difficult to book something on the same day. On average, you can expect to receive an appointment within 24 - 48 hours!

Yes! This is a common request and we can add it to any detailing service for $99. Book now to get your car looking great. 

Yes! This is a common request and we can add it to any detailing service for $79. Book now to get your car looking great.

Yes, we can remove all of those minor scratches and scuffs, rebuild the clear coat with wax so it's ready to take on all weather conditions, and polish the exterior to a brilliant shine. See our Paint Correction page for more details and to schedule a service.

Our exterior detailing service includes a wax polish. This is great for most vehicles, but you may need a Paint Correction service to take care of deep scratches, swirls, chipped paint, or oxidation.

Scheduling & Payment

Our goal is to make this as straightforward as possible. Simply click on the “Schedule A Detail” button, and it will take you to a page where you can make appointments, change an existing appointment, or cancel an appointment if need be.

Yes, we require a 15% deposit to schedule services. Failure to provide 72 hours advance notice of cancellations will result in loss of your deposit fee, according to our Terms & Conditions.

Product & Chemical

We come equipped with the essentials needed to detail a vehicle. We have all of the large equipment (vacuums, steamers, pressure washers) as well as the small chemicals & tools.

The deodorizer is a solution that eliminates odors and doesn’t simply cover them up with a nice fragrance. Knock-Out contains a chemical and blends perfectly with many “foul-odor” molecules such as sulfides, amines, and mercaptans. Only foul odors are affected by this chemical change, leaving fresh, pleasant fragrances untouched. Knock-Out is effective on many foul odors but extremely effective on cigarette and cigar odors.

Auto Detailing Clay Bars are engineered resin compounds used to remove microscopic contaminants from the surface of your car's paint, glass, fiberglass, and metal. It is recommended to perform a clay bar treatment on your vehicle at least once or twice per year, in order to keep the paint healthy.

Tire dressing is a product applied to tires to make them look shiny, clean, and new. Detailing shops and car enthusiasts use tire dressing regularly. Tires and wheels are critical to the overall appearance of a car and yet are often overlooked.

The interior conditioning is the last step of service. When applied properly to plastics and leather, the solution creates a protective layer that also has a new car kind of shine.

Day Of Appointment

Yes, we need a source of water and electricity within 75 feet of the vehicle for service.

On average, we say to allow 4 hours for a detail. On average, our customers order the Full Detail and Platinum Detail Packages, which are the packages that require the most time. Service time can take up to 6 hours or as little as 2 hours. This is all dependant on the package and condition of the vehicle being serviced.

Nope! Having someone present for the detail is not necessary. As long as certain needs are met (power and water source, doors unlocked, everything within 100 ft of each other), then you are good to go! Just be sure to pre-pay if you are not going to be present for in-person payments.

These are our needs in order to book your appointment: Name, Contact number, address where the vehicle is being serviced, auto detailing service package selected, size of the vehicle, any add-ons requested.

Needed from you the customer upon arrival: Power and water source within 100 ft of vehicle, keys to the vehicle.

General Auto Detailing

The price of the vehicle service will vary based on the auto detailing service selected, the size of the vehicle, and add-ons you would like applied as well. You can see current prices on our services page or by booking now.

It depends on your vehicle maintenance and driving habits. Many of our customers get their car detailed 2-3 times a year. Other customers love our monthly Membership Program because we keep their car in great shape throughout the year.

Wax is more than just a shiny look. It protects the paint from everyday damage like sap, road splatters, sun damage, oxidation, water damage, and so on. It is recommended to wax 2 - 3 times per year. A clay bar is also recommended every time you wax to remove leftover dirt and grime that a regular wash cannot remove.

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